Friday 31 May 2024

Great weather - EPIC meat day.

What an amazing MeatThursday.  Huge turnout.  Great weather, lots of meats and interesting non-meats.

In my opinion, the most impressive contribution was Isaac's fancy eggs.  Check out the presentation.  They were marinated in something and had some nice looking garnish.    What are they called?  Who knows!  Sometimes you just have to accept that you'll never learn the truth about things.  Someone called them hotel eggs.  I have experience with hotel eggs.  They normally start as a powder and the front desk guy mixes them up at 4am.  These were not hotel eggs.  At least not Travelodge hotel eggs.

Some dudes eating popsicles

Smuggled Fish Cheese
Someone who will remain unnamed brought some Japanese fish cheese and explained that he brought home a whole suitcase of foods that he didn't declare at customs on his return trip from his recent asian tour.    Might have been this stuff.  Anyhow, it wasn't bad.  

The FedEx guy showed up - as usual -  during meat.  We may have to post a sign barring deliveries on Thursdays at noon.  

I confess I lost track of who brought what - I blame FedEx.  There were popsicles, peaches, a plastic wrapped coconut, more smoked oysters, MANY MANY sausages, delicious steak and pork, PLUS some T&T BBQ pork, various chips and dips, some pastries.    Like your grandmother would say, a real smörgåsbord.

Here's some more pictures.

Nice to see more people from the spectrometer team this week.

This week I asked AI for a drawing of Japanese Fish Cheese.  I assure you it wasn't this fancy.

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