Thursday 20 June 2024

A Grill Mystery, more canned fish, spicy fruit

 I've neglected the meat blog.  Feels like a poor use of my time, so I always feel guilty about it. 

This is an update covering three weeks of meat.  I'm not really making the distinction between weeks because they all blend together.

We had a grill mystery one week.  Went back to the old smaller propane unit for some reason.  I assume because we wanted to use up some old propane bottles we had kicking around - but it may have just been because hauling the new grill out of the compressor shed is a pain.  

Grilled fruit is becoming increasingly popular.  I snapped this picture of some freshly grilled pineapple.  You can see the old propane grill in the background.  

One of the advantages of propane over natural gas is that it burns hotter.  So it's easier to get these grill marks.  Maybe.  Who cares really?

I enjoyed a pear pie.  Like a tart I think it's called.  Not too sweet.  Another Isaac contribution.  He is usually a pack leader amongst those who put effort into preparations for MeatThursday.  You can see the tart/pie here between the puff pastries and the strawberries.

For historical context, in case you are reading this in 2029 or something.  We've had a heat wave this week.  Over 30C everyday.  It was pretty sticky.

I snapped this picture of a visitor (in the flowery shirt) from Carleton University.  I forget his name, but he is working on his Master's I think under Hubert's supervision.   I think thanks to his attendance we got more participation than normal from the spectrometer group.    You can spot some of them in the background.

A new category of contribution may be emerging.  John brought a snake skin he found in his backyard.  

I'm calling this the "show and tell" category.  You can see it spanning the table here near the ice cream.   The ice cream came out towards the end of the event and I missed it.

Those round things in the clamshell are "Golden Berries", also known as ground cherries, or goldenberries.  But apparently they're not gooseberries.  Those are different.

Here are some more pictures from meat that I will just post here and you can enjoy them.

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