Wednesday 25 April 2012

Vegetable Wednesdays?

Vegetables?  What?
Today we experimented with a new concept  - Vegetable Wednesdays. 

Together with Fruit Mondays, Vegetable Wednesdays serve to offset the near certain health hazards of eating vast quantities of meat on a Thursday morning. 

Given that veggies can be boring (for the record, meat cannot be boring), our formally trained chef (he's got his papers!) Rick was in charge of preparing the spread.  He did a great job. 

Rick set up a DIY fresh springroll station with rice papers and everything.  Really slick. 

Thursday 19 April 2012

The perfect meat day.

Almost 100% meat.

To celebrate the huge game 4 win by the Ottawa Senators over the hapless NY Rangers, we have a huge spread including steak (I brought it, so it gets first mention), Steve's balls, sausage, back-bacon, roasted potatoes, naan and cheese, curds, shrimp, mock (that's code for fake) crab, some sort of pork roast that CW was proud of but wasn't really good, melon, olives stuffed with garlic, bacon dippers, smoked polish sausage, pork chops, some pepperoni sticks that were protected by a force field of plastic, and an unpleasant peppercorn sauce that was intended for the steak. 

I've uploaded the latest pictures to the slide show.