Thursday 15 September 2011

Nice going Nick.

Everything was going so well.

We had a nice selection of sausage, hot dogs in buns, cheese and bread, some more Venezuelan fried plantains (con queso), even a shrimp ring. We were about half-way through this morning's spread when Nick's face exploded mid-chew with a sneeze. He had time to "kinda" get his hand in front of his face, but a chunky mist escaped onto the plates of meat in front of him.

A plate of cut-up sausage and hot dogs was immediately written off. Remi watched as bits of sneeze debris landed on the plate.

The hot dogs in buns weren't officially declared contaminated, but they became less popular after the incident.

Thankfully, the other table (presumably uncontaminated) featured Rick's kick-ass salsa (recipe has been promised for this blog), cookies, the shrimp ring, and several other plates of sausage .

Indoors today. We could have gone outdoors but Shane and Harry are sensitive thought it would be too cold.

No Steve, so no balls.

1 comment:

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