Friday, 30 September 2011

Guests for meat and a hilariously named avocado sauce.

I had to dash last Thursday afternoon and didn't manage to get anything posted to the blog. Also I forget everything that happened. There were no disasters, I remember that.

This week, we had guests from Laser Focus World. They enjoyed meat, especially the charred maple breakfast sausage.

Rick brought in his tomatillo salsa once again, and it was as popular as before. A real hit.

Steve brought balls - but I didn't manage to score any. I was too distracted by the empenadas with guasacaca (tee-hee!) that Jesus brought. The guasacaca is frickin' delicious stuff. Kinda like guacamole, but better. He has provided the recipe, which is already here on the blog.

Other contributions included a fruit tray (always welcome), various sausages (one in an apple syrup), chips and crackers. Jakub's egg rolls - lovely - but I think I will score some sweeter dip for next week. The soy sauce is a little much for me.

Pictures from this week are from JH's iPhone, so only two and a little blurry

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