Thursday 22 March 2012

Japanese Visitor for Meat

Today's big excitement included real AAA steaks that I somehow managed to cook properly (I usually mess it up).  They were mind blowing.  Juicy, tender, and gone in 60 seconds.  Also, thanks to an unusual late March heat wave, we had our earliest outdoor Meat Thursday ever!

Japanese guest for meat thursdayI forgot the camera and didn't feel like walking all the way to the front of the building to get it, so John captured some shots with his iPhone. 

As you know, you can't take nice pictures with an iPhone (okay, John can't).  So the shots aren't very useful.  I have however managed to crop out our guest from Japan who was onsite for some training and got to share in the carnivorous delights of a Thursday morning at LightMachinery.

Other features from today's table:
- Steve's balls
- Tender pork ribs from Jesus
- White cheese curds (very nice)
- TimBits
- Brie and Naan
- Various cylindricals (sausage)
- Tostitos and salsa
- Pickled peppers stuffed with prosciutto

Can't wait until next week!

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