Friday 2 September 2011

The Meaty Tostito Scoops Go Fast

We welcomed September 2011 with a nice spread. Rick, as usual, had a popular offering. Tostito "scoop " chips with a ground beef filling. He laid out some extra home-made salsa and the balance of the chips. Delightful as always. Unfortunately they went too quickly for pictures.

No fruit today, unless you count Gary's tomatoes - a consistent favorite at this time of year.

Shane brought his neighbour's cured pork that "never goes bad". Delicious again this week. We should set aside a portion for September 2020.

Steve was absent, so no balls. CW brought london broil filling. This sparked a brief dissertation about the economics of being a butcher. We feigned interest.

Jesus brought bacon that clung to little potatoes. Very good, but even better if you zapped them in the microwave (Rick snuck back into the kitchen to try that).

1 comment:

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